Hot Topics – Cedanio Bacon On Web Design Trends

The web is a living thing and evolves in new, sometimes unexpected, ways.

Part of our job as web designers is to keep up with these changes. It’s not just the pImageossibilities that change, it’s also the expectations of peo­ple who use the web. We can’t afford to be stuck in the same mind set for too long and this doesn’t concern only the technical side. The visual and user-centric sides of web design are equally affected. We must adapt and maybe even pioneer new ideas that we believe will move everything one step further.

Because it lives and grows, the web also has its own culture and sub­cultures. These, in turn, give birth to trends which also govern the ex­pectations of the users. The concept becomes all the more fascinating as the web becomes a greater part of our everyday lives, as it influ­ences us and vice-versa.

As soon as you open your mind and accept the fact that things rapidly shift on the internet, you’ll be able to go with the flow and become more versatile.

Game changing movements – Responsive/adaptive/mobile design are the biggest trends one should stay abreast of moving forward. Everyone wants their information on the go in an optimized format for their devices. At TABB Solutions Inc we deliver that consistently to ensure that our client’s websites are responsive/ mobile friendly it represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.

 About The Author:

Cedanio Bacon – Is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), Subject Matter Expert (SME), An experience web strategist, web marketing guru. Utilizing my knowledge to assist in the development and validation of fortune 500 business decision makers.

I’ve managed 300 plus business accounts and designed numerous websites in the commercial, professional, and government market placing qualified companies in a position to become a valued partner with the United States Government. Being responsible for maintaining client satisfaction building relationships with clients to encourage repeat and referral business opportunities allow me to help clients with their current technical requirements providing them with a technology roadmap plan for their business.

Follow along with me on my blog at Cedanio Bacon-Blog  for more insights, predictions, and expertise.



Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) American Business Magnate, Consultant and Subject Matter Expert. Instrumental in directing business owners with the most logical marketing strategies that led to the development of an effective marketing plan.

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