Google Cloud Platform is growing up with a channel program and everything


Google(s goog) is laying the groundwork for a tiered partner program for it’s growing Google Cloud Platform. As we’ve seen before, nothing says “I want business customers” more than a partner program — consumer fan fave Dropbox, for example, launched its partner program in June.

Chris Rimer, head of  Google Cloud partners, tipped the plans during a speech at a Red Hat Conference on Monday according to CRN. A peek at Rimer’s LinkedIn(s lknd) profile shows he joined Google last March, after several years at VMware where he was most recently director of end user computing alliances. Amazon has also recruited quite a few VMware veterans for its enterprise push.

Such programs recruit and reward systems integrators, resellers and consultants that put together services that users want and can use. The alternative can result in users dealing with piece-parts of technology that can be hard or impossible to use. For Google…

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