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Business Increase Solutions Introduces New Proprietary Technology For Pinpointing Vocational Success

BIS will be providing clients with career track insights, utilizing statistically validated protocols. Tim Tupper of Business Increase Solutions, favorably known also as BIS, would like to welcome Dr. Timothy Daley to the team.Dr. Daley brings 25 years of Proprietary

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Cedanio Bacon | What Inspires Me

Tell me I cannot  do, be or have something  and that is one of the surest ways to inspire me into action, says Cedanio Bacon. What inspires me is simply when the “impossible becomes possible” to tackle a problem and never

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Hot Topics – Cedanio Bacon On Web Design Trends

The web is a living thing and evolves in new, sometimes unexpected, ways. Part of our job as web designers is to keep up with these changes. It’s not just the possibilities that change, it’s also the expectations of peo­ple

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